Anatomy of Revenge

German crime drama from 2012

Police psychologist Richard Brock is browsing in a bookshop when a nervous young man with a gun storms into the shop and takes several people hostage, including Brock. The man, a high-school teacher named Sebastian, is fleeing from the police and although Brock tries to calm him, Sebastian shoots himself before Brock's eyes. Profoundly moved by the tragedy, Brock wants to know what drove him to take his life. As he quietly wades into the murky waters of Sebastian's family, he unrelentingly chips away at the facade of a respectable, tight-knit clan: Sebastian's captivating yet enigmatic sister Maria, his business-obsessed father, and his broken, shattered mother. He finds a truth that’s been hidden for over 20 years, with a destructive power stronger than ever...

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Anatomy of Revenge
Andreas Prochaska
Anatomy of Revenge